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NIKKO ELECTRIC MFG. Department breaker, protector, earth leakage circuit breaker is applied electronic equipment manufacturers.

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  * DC high voltage circuit breaker  

Mass-Trans Innovation Japan 2013 (MTI Japan 2013)
International Trade Fair for "Railways" Technology

Organizer: CNT Inc.
Dates: Nov 6, 2013 (Wed) - Nov 8 (Fri)
Time: 10:00 to 17:00
Venue: MAKUHARI MESSE Hall No.7,8 (Chiba, Japan)
Admission: 2,000Yen(Free for holders of invitation cards, persons who register in advance
via the Internet, and students)


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  * DC leakage circuit breaker with alarm  
    * SPD protective separator  
Products   * DC High Voltage Miniature Switch  
 - Products   * Circuit breaker for railway signaling  
 - for the replacement model list   * Inverter welding machine - breakers  
 - Information of Discontinued Models   For more details please contact our sales.  
 - power products business      
Technical Documents   Rated voltage changes : This is being corrected to a voltage representation of the new JIS.  
    Rolling stock circuit breaker, circuit breaker for railway signaling, please contact us  
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 - Company History   February 24, 2011 : Electrical Construction Equipment and Materials Fair 2011 Will participate.  
 - production   February 09, 2011 : Renewed website  

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  December 25, 2010

: "FM circuit breaker rating list" has a new

    May 21, 2010 : Joined the Japan Association of Rolling Stock Industries (JARI)  
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